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Vol 1 (2015) PGAA: Prompt gamma and in-beam neutron activation analysis facility Abstract   Article A20   Article A20 - small
Zsolt Revay
Vol 4 (2018) PHOENEXS: System for Angle- and Spin-Resolved Photoemission at BESSY II Abstract   Article A131   Article A131 - small
Oliver Rader, Andrei Varykhalov
Vol 1 (2015) PLEPS: Pulsed low energy positron system Abstract   Article A 25   Article A25 - small
Werner Egger
Vol 2 (2016) Polar aircraft Polar5 and Polar6 operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute Abstract   Article A87   Article A87 - small
Christine Wesche, Daniel Steinhage, Uwe Nixdorf
Vol 3 (2017) Polar Research and Supply Vessel POLARSTERN Operated by the Alfred-Wegener-Institute Abstract   Article A119   Article A119 - small
Rainer Knust
Vol 2 (2016) POLARIMETER: A Soft X-Ray 8-Axis UHV-Diffractometer at BESSY II Abstract   Article A92   Article A92 - small
Andrey Sokolov, Franz Schäfers
Vol 1 (2015) POLI: Polarised hot neutron diffractometer Abstract   Article A16   Article A16 - small
Vladimir Hutanu
Vol 1 (2015) PUMA: Thermal three axes spectrometer Abstract   Article A13   Article A13 - small
Oleg Sobolev, Jitae T. Park
Vol 2 (2016) RailSiTe® (Rail Simulation and Testing) Abstract   Article A88   Article A88 - small
Martin Johne, Martin Busse
Vol 1 (2015) REFSANS: Reflectometer and evanescent wave small angle neutron spectrometer Abstract   Article A9   Article A9 - small
Jean-François Moulin, Martin Haese
Vol 3 (2017) Remotely Operated Vehicle “ROV KIEL 6000“ Abstract   Article A117   Article A117 - small
Friedrich Abegg, Peter Linke
Vol 3 (2017) Remotely Operated Vehicle “ROV PHOCA“ Abstract   Article A118   Article A118 - small
Friedrich Abegg, Peter Linke
Vol 1 (2015) Research Vessel ALKOR Abstract   Article A35   Article A35 - small
Klas Lackschewitz, Maike Heinitz
Vol 3 (2017) Research Vessel HEINCKE Operated by the Alfred-Wegener-Institute Abstract   Article A120   Article A120 - small
Rainer Knust, Uwe Nixdorf, Marius Hirsekorn
Vol 1 (2015) Research Vessel POSEIDON Abstract   Article A36   Article A36 - small
Klas Lackschewitz, Maike Heinitz
Vol 1 (2015) RESEDA: Resonance spin echo spectrometer Abstract   Article A14   Article A14 - small
Christian Franz, Thorsten Schröder
Vol 1 (2015) RESI: Thermal neutron single crystal diffractometer Abstract   Article A4   Article A4 - small
Bjørn Pedersen
Vol 1 (2015) SANS-1: Small angle neutron scattering Abstract   Article A10   Article A10 - small
André Heinemann, Sebastian Mühlbauer
Vol 2 (2016) SIMS Lab Potsdam: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Laboratory Potsdam Abstract   Article A71   Article A71 - small
Michael Wiedenbeck, Alexander Rocholl, Robert Trumbull, Frédéric Couffignal
Vol 3 (2017) Solid flexRIXS: A RIXS endstation for solid systems at BESSY II Abstract   Article A124   Article A124 - small
Martin Beye, Pieter Sybren Miedema
Vol 2 (2016) SPEEM: The photoemission microscope at the dedicated microfocus PGM beamline UE49-PGMa at BESSY II Abstract   Article A90   Article A90 - small
Florian Kronast, Sergio Valencia Molina
Vol 1 (2015) SPHERES: Backscattering spectrometer Abstract   Article A30   Article A30 - small
Michaela Zamponi, Marina Khaneft
Vol 1 (2015) SPM: Scanning positron microscope Abstract   Article A26   Article A26 - small
Marcel Dickmann, Christian Piochacz
Vol 1 (2015) SPODI: High resolution powder diffractometer Abstract   Article A5   Article A5 - small
Markus Hoelzel, Anatoliy Senyshyn, Oleksandr Dolotko
Vol 2 (2016) STG-CT: High-vacuum plume test facility for chemical thrusters Abstract   Article A86   Article A86 - small
Martin Grabe
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