AIM reference track - test site for V2X communication systems and cooperative ITS services


  • Tobias Frankiewicz German Aerospace Center
  • Alexander Burmeister German Aerospace Center



Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) based on Vehicle2X (V2X) communication are currently under development in the automotive industry and regarded to be in mass-production in the near future. In order to develop and test cooperative ITS services, the Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) operates a large-scale test site in the city of Braunschweig, Germany. This research infrastructure facilitates test activities, measurements as well as evaluation activities for C-ITS in a real-life environment.

Author Biography

Tobias Frankiewicz, German Aerospace Center

Head of Department Public Transport and Intermodality


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Cite article as: DLR Institute of Transportation Systems. (2017). AIM reference track - test site for V2X communication systems and cooperative ITS services. Journal of large-scale research facilities, 3, A106.