FEI Titan G3 50-300 PICO


  • Juri Barthel Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) Jülich Research Centre 52425 Jülich Germany
  • Lothar Houben Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) Jülich Research Centre 52425 Jülich Germany http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0200-3611
  • Karsten Tillmann Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) Jülich Research Centre 52425 Jülich Germany




The FEI Titan G3 50-300 PICO is a unique fourth generation transmission electron microscope which has been specifically designed for the investigation of a wide range of solid state phenomena taking place on the atomic scale and thus necessitating true atomic resolution analysis capabilities. For these purposes, the FEI Titan G3 50-300 PICO is equipped with a Schottky type high-brightness electron gun (FEI X-FEG), a monochromator unit, and a Cs probe corrector (CEOS DCOR), a Cs-Cc achro-aplanat image corrector (CEOS CCOR+), a double biprism, a post-column energy filter system (Gatan Quantum 966 ERS) as well as a 16 megapixel CCD system (Gatan UltraScan 4000 UHS). Characterised by a TEM and STEM resolution well below 50 pm at 200 kV, the instrument is one of the few chromatically-corrected high resolution transmission electron microscopes in the world. Typical examples of use and technical specifications for the instrument are given below.


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Cite article as: Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons (ER-C) et al. (2015). FEI Titan G3 50-300 PICO. Journal of large-scale research facilities, 1, A34. http://dx.doi.org/10.17815/jlsrf-1-57